My beautiful bride and I were blessed by God to celebrate our anniversary this past June on the island of our nuptials, Maui. And as we were blessed by Him in our union there on that beautiful gold and green gem set so perfectly in the ultramarine blue Pacific, so, again, were we blessed on this latest adventure of ours in Paradise.

Our blessing was threefold, as follows:

One, we were blessed with the wonderful companionship and camaraderie of my sister Beba, who carries such a wonderful aloha with her wherever she goes. This, coupled with the very cool new friends we made at AMP Church (thank you Sean Feucht for the recommendation!), adds up to what I call THE FELLOWSHIP BLESSING. We were not alone. We had friends and family all around us. We had great preaching. We participated in some extraordinary worship. And all of this was very, very cool. 

Two, I found I had caught a healing, which I call the EMBEDDED EXCEDRIN BLESSING. For years now, since diagnosed with hypertension (my wife might say, hyper-everything), I have taken aspirin… then Excedrin… in increasing doses… till I found myself taking 8-10 Excedrin per day, day in and day out. And one morning in Maui I told my beautiful bride, “Honey, I am not taking Excedrin any more, did you notice that?” I have not, and I do not, feel the need for it. My headaches are GONE. Hallelujah! And so this healing persists to this day.

And finally, three, I experienced what I call THE RUSTOLEUM BLESSING. I told my company I would continue pounding away at my deals while blessedly ensconced on those shimmering shores. And there were two deals on my forecast that kept moving to the next month, then the next month, then the next month, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. They were just STUCK, LIKE RUSTY WHEELS… till I got to Maui. Then both deals got unstuck; the wheels turned, and I closed the business.

In fact, June turned out to be my best month of sales ever! So going away for a bit did not TAKE AWAY the Lord’s blessing on my work, No, rather, it INCREASED IT, thank You God!

And the experience brought to mind a word the Lord gave me earlier this year: “If you will take care of My business, I will take care of yours.” And He is making good on His promise! So I continue to make worship, the Word, fellowship, and service to His church my priority (and loving my darling Meeshi, of course!), and I leave the material blessing to God. He’s really good at taking care of this area of my life, He’s had a lot of experience in this line of work!!!

(As I was writing this piece, this verse came to mind: Gen. 2:12, “And the gold of that land is good…”… maybe the Lord is speaking to me?”)

And so I say to you, my dear friend: TAKE THESE BLESSINGS TOO, they are yours, TAKE THEM BY FAITH, I release His blessings on us to YOU! Be blessed in CHRIST JESUS, the “Lord of the Islands”! AMEN

(p.s. What is that man looking for at the blowhole near La Perouse Bay? Is he looking for the favor and blessing and God, perhaps?)


About mytimeforjesus

Friend and worshiper of King Jesus, blissed-out to the max husband of Michelle, proud father to 7 glorious young olive trees and their significant others, happy "Papa" to 8 beautiful grandchildren, newly replanted to Austin, street evangelist, software sales, reharvested Charismatic, reborn surfer, erstwhile golfer, here to see the irresistibly powerful and transforming Presence of Jesus made known to all!
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  1. Greg Poppy says:

    Hey Mark, great post! Have you blogged before or is this your first time? Blessings, Greg

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