Five Points of Focus for 2013

Coming into the last month of 2012 brings about anticipation for a new year in Christ’s wonderful Kingdom, a year chock full of opportunity, challenge, and, also,  DISTRACTIONS! Distractions aimed at taking my eyes off my one Goal, the Person of my Lord Jesus Christ, the all-consuming Fire of my heart’s passion, the quest of my insatiably hungry soul, the Content and the Meaning and the very Framework of my life. He defines me, He redeems me, He captivates me, He delights me, He makes me laugh, He cares for me, He is my all and all, YEAH!

His holy Word engages me to keep distractions at bay:

Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. (Heb 12:1-2)

So, keeping a tight, laser beam focus on the Prize is the sine qua non (without which there is nothing) of my life. And, I can break down this focus into practical pieces looking like this: the values which control my daily life of thought and action, the goals I set for myself, and the schedule I put down in writing, sequencing and prioritizing each day’s activities.

Allow me to recast this glob of words into something a bit more organized:

  1. I want Him, I will run after Him, I want to know Him more and more, day by day.
  2. This Desire for Him results in my necessarily valuing some things more highly than others; these things take the form of virtues and passions. This Desire also brings with it a happy and willing and effective rejection of certain character traits and passions altogether. This rejection is no big deal formy now-tamed, now-compliant, now-transformed soul.
  3. I set goals aimed at fulfilling my one Desire in blessed harmony with and expressive of my overarching virtues and passions.
  4. I translate these goals into schedulable, measurable steps, complete with dates for their start and completionm

So then, how does my 2013 look? I am going to skip straight to the Five Big Things I am running after, and will circle back around with additional content related to the associated virtues and passions, along with some considered action items I will schedule into my Daytimer to fulfill my goals. The Five Big Things consist of a mixture of things that I do, and things that I am.

Here they are:

CHARGING INTO GOD’S PRESENCE – in every and any legitimate way I can. In personal devotions, in various church meetings and conferences, in prayer time with my beautiful wife Michelle – I want to be bathed, soaked, saturated, filled, and overflowing with the wonderful, warm, awe-inspiring loving Presence of the Lord. I worship my God with fervor, delight, consistency, and joy. I know He lives in my praises, so, all the day long, I’m praising my Savior.

LOVE DEMONSTRATED THROUGH ACTS OF SERVICE – first and foremost in my marriage to my darling wife Michelle, then to my kids, my church, the church in my area, my neighbors, my country. I look for opportunities to serve, and to join with others in acts of love and service. I don’t think about my own needs only, but also for the needs, the hopes, and the dreams of others.

HEALING IN THE NAME OF JESUS – I want to see God’s glory revealed through supernatural acts of healing. I want to be released in this gift. I’ve seen Him do this through me in times past, and I want to see more! I want to be a part of a team of people who can pray for healing, see it happen, then bring people to Christ as a result.

DECLARING CHRIST’S REMARKABLY GOOD NEWS – Experiencing the power of the Cross through faith, and preaching the same. Set free from sin’s stranglehold, I boldly proclaim Release! in Jesus’ mighty Name! All things are new, the old is passed away; I have crossed the chasm from death into life. I am a new creature in Christ. I am no longer of this world. I live in heavenly places. And I invite others to join me!

BUILDING HIS CHURCH – the work He said He must be about, the thing He saw the Father doing, I now do in imitation. I am a multiplier, a persuader, an equipper, an encourager, a team builder, a leader by example, and I am connected with others following in the same Way.

NEXT POST: Breaking this down, and making it doable!


About mytimeforjesus

Friend and worshiper of King Jesus, blissed-out to the max husband of Michelle, proud father to 7 glorious young olive trees and their significant others, happy "Papa" to 8 beautiful grandchildren, newly replanted to Austin, street evangelist, software sales, reharvested Charismatic, reborn surfer, erstwhile golfer, here to see the irresistibly powerful and transforming Presence of Jesus made known to all!
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2 Responses to Five Points of Focus for 2013

  1. Nina says:

    I feel the flames way over here in Louisiana! Stay on fire!!

  2. Kory Cochran says:

    Truly inspired, my brother in Christ!

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