Five Points of Focus for 2013, Part II

Passions, Virtues, Values, Relationships

I am going to let whatever the Spirit brings to mind just sort of roll off of my fingertips and onto this document as I work my way down my Five Big Things for 2013. So, what am I looking for? I want to associate them with things I feel and believe to be their attending passions, virtues, values, and also, look at how my relationships are either affected or defined by these things.

CHARGING INTO GOD’S PRESENCE: Devotion, devout, unashamed lover, hunger, thirst, craving, relentless pursuit. Having a single, intense, jealously clear eye. The white-hot, proven integrity of decisions made in quiet, alone, hidden from view in the secret place. The all-consuming joy of being near to Christ – very near, touchably near, overwhelmingly near. Sold out to prayer, worship, intercession and Bible reading / meditation. Reflecting with unshakeable confidence on the finished work of Christ’s Cross finishing up the sanctification of my very own soul. Mastering the Song of Songs. I am free to dance and whirl about, just like Jesus, David, and the angels do. I bring His presence into everything I do, all that I am, all that I touch, everywhere that I go. I am always, first and foremost, a worshiper.

LOVE DEMONSTRATED THROUGH ACTS OF SERVICE: Humility, subtlety, discretion, selfless, prophetic, servant. Talking with my church family frequently to learn where I might serve them. Same with my kids. Fanatical on the follow-through. Mindful of the blessing I’ve seen flow through me to people looking for career help, a job, a new job, etc. Speaking positive words of encouragement and prophetic destiny for the Spirit to act upon. Tirelessly laboring in my own software sales work to make my owners successful, profitable, and better off for having had me on board.

HEALING IN THE NAME OF JESUS: Expectation, confidence, boldness, joy, faith. Resolving to glorify the risen Christ any time a miracle is seen. Asking for and looking for opportunities to pray – and being quickly responsive when such opportunities arise. Never giving credence to satan’s lies about incurable diseases, etc. Watching videos of faith healer preachers and revivalists to gain insight, lift up my faith, and challenge me to greater boldness and confident expectation. Reading books on the supernatural presence and gifts of our Gracious God. Sharing with my beautiful wife and church family what the Lord is saying and doing through me in this regard. Sharing with my kids fresh testimony of His healing power.

DECLARING CHRIST’S REMARKABLY GOOD NEWS: Boldness, sensitivity to the Spirit, compassionate, patient, prepared.  Praying the Lord of the harvest to send me forth into His harvest, really letting Him know how badly I want to be used by Him. Wanting to see all the nations discipled, one person at a time. Clinging to the Cross, teaching others the same. Learning approaches, opening lines, conversation-stimulating questions, other methods of connecting with people. Studying the thoughts, methods, and preparation of others. Sharing with others through this blog what Christ has done for me, and what He is teaching me.

BUILDING HIS CHURCH: Laborer. Worker. Preacher / teacher. “In season and out.” Evangelist. Gentle. Kind. Working with Him to build others up. Being bold and ready to prophesy when the Spirit is speaking. Earnestly desiring unity of action in the local expression of His Body, to see us actually doing things together. Thinking hard on the next step of ministry – into church planting.


Always working on adequately answering Francis Schaeffer’s question, “How Should We Then Live?” (,, in my next installment I will translate these values, passions, and virtues into specific goals and relationship-building projects, which I can then start loading into my Daytimer.


About mytimeforjesus

Friend and worshiper of King Jesus, blissed-out to the max husband of Michelle, proud father to 7 glorious young olive trees and their significant others, happy "Papa" to 8 beautiful grandchildren, newly replanted to Austin, street evangelist, software sales, reharvested Charismatic, reborn surfer, erstwhile golfer, here to see the irresistibly powerful and transforming Presence of Jesus made known to all!
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