On Becoming a WORSHIPER of Jesus

My life has taken a great swing upwards in recent years. I find myself living in a state of nearly continuous, ecstatic bliss. I have this smile on my face that I can’t wipe off. (Why would I want to?) Now, is it because of the wonderful, beautiful new wife God has brought into my life? No, but living with her and enjoying her company is FANTAImageSTIC!  Could it be because of restored, renewed, and growingly cool relationships I’m sharing with my children and grandchildren? Without a doubt this is exceptionally satisfying and smile-generating, but it’s still not the reason. Or could it be because of my resurging career in software sales? No, as much as I enjoy my work and relish every aspect of it, consistently finding profit and increase from it financially, this is not it, either.

So then, I look over my life, and search for the source of my bliss, my ecstasy, and my deep-sighing state of repose and relaxation, and I find one place, and one place alone, serving as the Fount of my wellsprings of delight: my ever-growing desperation to simply be in the Presence of God, to enjoy Him, and pour out my love and adoration on Jesus, in many-fold expressions of worship. I am a worshiper of Christ, and all my fountains are in this – I live to love and serve the living God, in regular times of devotion, in continuously evolving expressions of song, dance, and silence, coupled with Bible study and meditation, and in corporate gatherings with His wonderful Bride. (Plus, and this has to be said, I pray and sing all the time in tongues, yes!)

I’ve made worshiping Him the object and point of my life. I’ve done this in obedience to Pastor Tony Krishack’s teaching: worship is the only way out of all of life’s difficulties. All of blessing and increase and favor flows out of a life lived in the worship of Christ. (Maybe it’s better to say, a life spent worshiping Jesus is IN ITSELF a life of blessing and increase and favor!) My reward in life from Him is this: an ever-increasing softness in my heart towards Him (and towards all others, as a result), easier “access” to His Presence, and (this is the really cool part!), the nearly complete fade-out of the world’s lures and tugs on the strings of my heart. (Say wha…?)

Let me explain. What was once a continual struggle on the inside of me – the struggle to simply think, and feel, and act, with good clean thoughts, and pure, humble motives – has become easy and effortless. And I know why this is. You see, I’ve yielded my life, by faith, to the the Gospel of the finished work of Christ, which says: Not only were all my sins washed away in the blood spilled by that faultless, innocent Man, and not only was all of Father God’s wrath spent in its full fury upon that thorn-crowned Head, making me 100% acceptable by a Holy God, but (and this is so incredible!), He also took out of me, completely, and into Himself, my root, sinful, Adam-bequeathed nature, and He did away with it FOR GOOD, ONCE AND FOR ALL, Amen!!! He yanked out by the root the inner workings of my heart, received by DNA inheritance from a long line of fist-shaking sinners going all the way back to Adam, and replaced them with His very own perfect, humble, loving, joyful, faith-filled nature. This is what I find on the inside of me IN ACTUALITY and in my day to day experience. It is phenomenally cool to see this going on from the inside out! It is like flying in a completely different airplane or something! I just don’t think or feel or want to respond to things the way I used. I have these thought-life responses and interpretations of events that are radically different (BETTER) than my old way of running. Radically, really, wonderfully NEW and DIFFERENT and COOL and CLEAN.

So then, what can my reaction possibly be to this life-giving Presence and brand new sparkling clean nature on the deep inside of me possibly but to LET IT OUT with crazy, exuberant worship? I mean, how can I but sing? What’s left to do but dance? Where am I going to go except straight into the arms of the One I love, the One who set me free, the One who granted me life and peace and salvation for my once-sin-weary soul? I find this life of God in me welling up to bursting, and the only way I can contain myself is to break open the alabaster box of my soul and pour it out upon Him! I find refuge in release, I find solace in ecstasy, I find my life’s meaning by losing myself in His worship. I no longer struggle to escape the inner, wicked spider web tendrils and viny, thorny grip of that shame-filled blackness that once filled the cave of my inner man. I now find Him there, smiling, positively beaming, the preeminent One, He Who is the Light of the world, He Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, He Who is the Resurrection, He Who is the radiant, exact Expression of His nature, He Who is the Great Shepherd and Captain of my soul, and He gives me joy and peace and a real experience of sanctification in the day to day, mundane activities of a very ordinary life!

So, what worshiping Him does, is this: it gives Him first place there, on the inside, and everything else flows out of that face to face, cheek to cheek, arm in arm experience of loving Jesus, the Christ, in an intimate and eminently soul-satisfying way.

What time is it? It’s time to WORSHIP HIM!


About mytimeforjesus

Friend and worshiper of King Jesus, blissed-out to the max husband of Michelle, proud father to 7 glorious young olive trees and their significant others, happy "Papa" to 8 beautiful grandchildren, newly replanted to Austin, street evangelist, software sales, reharvested Charismatic, reborn surfer, erstwhile golfer, here to see the irresistibly powerful and transforming Presence of Jesus made known to all!
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